#FreedomCities #FreedomCampus is a movement for safe, healthy and thriving neighborhoods and local communities. We believe in local grassroots leadership and action that will lead us to freedom; we believe in creating the world we want to see now in rural places, suburbs, towns and anywhere that requires Black and Brown people to make a better way.  This vision, which was the dream of our ancestors, drives our multiracial, multifaceted movement committed to protecting the most vulnerable amongst us while demanding freedom for all of us!

We believe that our people already have the wisdom they need to thrive and in many places around the United States and around the world, the beloved community is already being created. We know that figuring out what works takes a lot of courage, creativity, dedication and reallocation of resources and we want to share and collaborate what is working for some so that more of our cities, towns, communities and neighborhoods can thrive.

Our Story

Freedom to Thrive (Formerly Enlace) led an intersectional coalition in New York City to create Freedom Cities in 2016 and then launched the campaign in 2017. In February 2017, Freedom to Thrive convened organizations nationally. Since then Freedom Cities and Campus has grown across the country bringing together local organizations for base building, leadership development, and campaigning.

Freedom to Thrive is an organization that tackles the intersection of crimmigration through a pro Black abolitionist lens. We are reimagining ways to create safety beyond policing, beyond sanctuary cities and beyond borders. We will get there collectively by our Training and Leadership Programming focused on developing a shared political struggle and centering healing justice with BIPOC women, youth, trans and gender non conforming folks.
Along with Campaigning to put an end to the punishment-based criminal and immigration systems. We are pushing for divestment from the prison industry and investment in communities.
We are looking to create a community of like-minded freedom fighters to build together, learn together and center abolition at the intersection of all of our work.