Centering Black Immigrant Women In the Movement: A Report from the National Advocacy Summit

Black women and women of color have always been a major driving force behind radical movement building but have historically been left out of the popular narrative. In addition to  Rosa Parks, Claudia Jones, Lolita Lebron, and Laura Adorkor Kofi, there are many Black women and women of color whose names we might never uncover. These are the people who have historically been responsible for galvanizing the masses, strategizing behind closed doors, and advocating for our people in hopes of propelling us closer to liberation through hard work and the unyielding commitment necessary to get us free.

For this very reason, last month, three members of BAJI staff came together in Washington D.C. at the National Advocacy Summit (NAS) to learn and uplift the hard work of Black women and women of color in the migrant justice movement. This was an opportunity to learn from each other and to highlight the intersections of our identities and the policy changes imperative to our sustained livelihood. The NAS, a bi-yearly conference, was hosted by the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and consists of over 60 participants traveling from diverse communities across the country. Together, we engaged in a timely discussion on the links between Reproductive Health and immigration policy. READ MORE