Organizing Principles

Freedom Cities and Freedom Campus campaigns embody each of the following organizing principles.

Pro- Black Principles

  • Black people are decision-makers in the systems, processes and practices that lead and sustain their lives.
  • Acknowledging past and current racial inequities and providing people most impacted by anti Black racism the infrastructure and resources needed to thrive.
  • Black people are valued and recognized in naming their reality, describing how systems of oppression impact their lives and developing solutions that center their leadership needs and heal anti Black violence.
  • Individuals, organizations and systems are committed to abolishing white supremacy by addressing the legal, political, social, cultural, economic and historical contributions to anti Blackness.
  • Abolishing prisons, police forces, military forces, immigration enforcement, border patrol and any government or non-government entity terrorizing Black people and communities.
  • Black people experiencing joy that reverberates through generations.
  • Black people embodying Black love for ourselves, each other, and our communities.

Organizational Principles

Redefining Safety: Real safety is radical love and investment in ourselves, our cultures and our families, not in cages, borders, wars, and state and corporate violence.

Leadership of Queer Folks And Women: Trusting and investing in the leadership of women, queer, trans, and non-binary people, we are evolving the way movements work.

Pro-Black Organizing: Winning means dismantling anti-Blackness in all communities of color. We center pro-Blackness, and take on the root causes of systems of oppression.