BREAKING: Austin City Council Votes In Favor Of #FreedomCity Policy!!

Policy will reduce discretionary arrests and increase safety for people of color and immigrants

AUSTIN — Austin City Council hearing room erupted in cheers Thursday night when in a unanimous vote, the Council voted to pass a Freedom City Policy, which favors measures to increase the safety of people of color and immigrants in Austin.

People of color and immigrants in Austin have been facing a crisis as they are drastically overrepresented in arrests, jailings, and removal from the community.  Policing of Black and Brown people unnecessarily tears families and communities apart. Passing a Freedom City Policy will take steps to reduce racial disparities in arrests, reduce discretionary arrests, require full vetting and reporting on requests by ICE for APD resources, and ensure officers who ask about immigration status inform people of their rights to not answer, as well as complete a report explaining the encounter. READ MORE