In solidarity with No New Jails

Freedom to Thrive works to create a world where safety means investment in people & planet, and to end the punishment-based criminal and immigration systems. We are an abolitionist organization who began the Prison Divestment campaign ten years ago. We understood that mass incarceration and mass immigrant detention are one and the same. We understood that these systems seek to make a profit from locking up Black and brown, indigenous, and immigrant communities. Since launching the Prison Divestment campaign we have seen more than 5 billion dollars divested from the private prison industry. Imagine what that money could do for our communities. Imagine what this 11 billion dollar jail expansion plan could do to support New York City communities.

The mayor’s plan of closing Rikers is to make jails, “Smaller, Safer, Fairer” – but for whom?! No matter the size, jails will never be safe and will continue to be harmful to communities. We do not seek for the state’s justification of the continued abuse of our communities. Nor will we accept these false alternatives to incarceration – replacing one cage for another cage is not an alternative. Electronic ankle shackling is not an alternative. We want to see our communities thriving. Instead of ramping up up policing and continuing to incarcerate our people, the city should instead consider how to funnel resources into our communities.

There is only one solution for the thousands who have been harmed by Rikers–  shut it down. People all over the city have said what 11 billion dollars could go to: housing, education, health care, accessible public transit etc. Not a single person said new jails.

Decriminalize & decarcerate.

Close Rikers now.

No New Jails.

We want you to support the continued demands of our comrades in the No New Jails campaign. End any new construction of jails in New York City – demand the city invest $11 billion in public resources.

Imagine a new world with us!

Join the No New Jails organizers and allies TONIGHT at 6pm

If you are unable to make it follow the phone zap HERE!

Call the city council and let them know close Rikers and no new jails.

City Council members VOTE NO.

Support their work; click HERE to donate to them! 

We are worthy of dignity.

We are worthy of safety.

We are worthy of freedom.