Reflections on resistance

I want to do some time traveling with you.  Clear your mind for a bit and think back to the way you were feeling around the start of last year. We were coming out of eight years under then-President Barack Obama. We witnessed an election of a certain reality tv star (aka Mr. Twitter Fingers) whose campaign platform was solely white supremacy, fear, and hate mongering. We watched a certain former secretary of state blame her loss on marginalized folk and, the system, and a politician who didn’t address overt sexism and only remembered Black lives when he was initially protested. Many of us, even on inauguration day, were still saying “This can’t be happening.” How did you feel? What actions did you take? Were there heated discussions about who didn’t vote? Were you scared for your family? Did you think of your ancestors? Did you pray? What was your first reaction? Did it feel like this was the end? READ MORE