What is Freedom?

Nicholas Fraser (@downgoes.fraser)

This July 4th, 2017 we passed 241 years of “independence”. It is important that we reflect on how this independence was made and on whose land we are on.

Even at this late date you can still find out who’s land/tribe you are living on based on the city or location you are in. In this regard, Canada is no different than the U.S. Christi Belcourt summed it up beautifully when during a panel for CBS Art she said, “That is how Canada came about — it was through the genocide of Indigenous peoples and if we do not reconcile that, then there will never be reconciliation in this country.

For Black people, the famed US freedoms of expression and speech are an anomaly, prompting us to chant:, “WE MARCH, y’all mad. WE SIT DOWN, y’all mad. WE SPEAK UP, y’all mad. WE DIE, y’all silent.” The truth is that equality wasn’t present for Black people in 1776 and isn’t present in 2017. READ MORE